Tuesday, October 28, 2014

NEEDED for Election Party...

Our Election 2014 party has been moved from Tuesday, November 4th, to Wednesday, November 5th, due to no school on the 4th. Thank you so much for those of you who have signed up to bring a party item on that day. I am still missing a few things like the following:
  • Pepsi fridge pack
  • Iced Sugar cookies with patriotic sprinkles
  • Bottle Water
If you have not returned your list with the item you can bring, please bring that to class by tomorrow, October 29th. 

Thank you again for volunteering to bring an item! This is going to be one spectacular ending to an awesome project!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Chemistry, Physical World, and U.S. History classes are to bring information on their scientist and their historical events Monday, October 27th, to begin working on their summaries. Every day this week each student will be writing a summary to be completed by Monday, November 3rd and graded as a Test grade.

American Government students are to bring in information to begin speech and debate preparations. Friday I handed out a sheet with a summary of specific political topics that should be addressed in their speeches or may be asked during the Presidential debate.

Failure to bring in any information for any of  the four classes listed above will be given a 0% for that day's participation grade and will have to copy Psalm 119 during the class time.

I'm looking forward to reading your summaries!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Government Assignment Change...

I inadvertently left out a reading assignment for tonight's homework. This error was amended in class today but I wanted to also post about the change here. So for tonight's (October 7th's) reading, please read and outline p. 120-124 up to "Agencies..." This change has also been noted on the American Government Assignment's link to the right.

Hand-Held Atoms...

Have you ever held an atom in your hand? After all, we've been learning in Chemistry that atoms are the smallest particles of matter. So small in fact that we have to use models in order to understand their complex functions and structures.

What makes up an atom? How are they represented? What if some of the particles are different in number?  We've been studying the answers to ALL these questions and many more by doing a practical application of hand-held atoms...
This particular atom has protons (the red beads), neutron (the green beads), and electrons (the loose black beads). For neutral atoms the protons, neutrons, and electrons are all equal. There are some cases where their are differing numbers of neutrons which cause isotopes.

For this particular case study we looked at nine different "atoms", identifying each particular element represented by the atomic number and then counting the mass number, number of neutrons, and the number of electrons. We then took all of this information to write the isotopic notion for this element.

It's "Hands-On Learning" at its best!

Ice Cream Science...

This last Friday we summed up Physical World chapter 5 on Pure Substances and Mixtures by taking a closer look at the two divisions of mixtures: heterogenous and homogenous. We had learned how to tell the difference between the two but needed a more practical way to demonstrate our new found knowledge.

And what better way than with heterogenous ice cream...
That's right. Nothing says "This is what we learned in science!" by actually eating what we're learning about.

These awesome 9th and 10th graders also fixed a bowl for our Principle, Bro. Wally, in celebration of his birthday...
As for the test grades on Monday...everyone did a fantastic job!