Tuesday, March 7, 2017

No Research Paper Workday...

For the last six weeks we've been steadily working every Wednesday on our Science research papers. Last Wednesday, March 1st, was our second to the last workday. Tomorrow there will not be a workday but a regular day of lecture and chapter work. The second half of your rough draft containing the following components is due at the beginning of class. Here are the points that are to be in your second rough draft:

  • The Rest of Your Notecards
  • An Introductory Paragraph
  • A Concluding Paragraph
  • Smooth Transitions Between Ideas
If these points are not included in your rough draft, a 0% will be given for your Participation Test Grade and a homework slip sent home. Our last workday will be Friday, March 31st, so that you can get the entire paper ready to be turned in. I look forward to reading your papers!!

Can You Find...

So here we are...a week and a half out from Spring Break. Don't lose steam now! Keep working away and doing y our best job. To help you out, let's see if you can find the photo above. Happy hunting!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Gibbs's Free Energy...

Gibb's Free Energy is an equation that combines both enthalpy and entropy along with temperature in it's calculations. Above is a video that will explain how this equation comes about and what it means. Tomorrow in class we will be learning how to plug in values and calculate.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Berlin Wall Breakdown...

In our US History class we have turned our focus on the next period after World War II...the Cold War. In this time of hostility and rising tensions we also see the march of Communism. We'll be study about the Korean War as well as the "Iron Curtain" as it fell across Eastern Europe when the Berlin Wall was constructed. I will not have time to show the above video in class as it goes into great description about the wall itself but I am posting it here as a bonus. If you watch the video (about 10 min. long) and leave a comment that you watched it I will give you +5 Bonus points on your next test. This is certainly fascinating: how one wall built straight down the center of the city. Pay close attention to the trip wire, Soviet "grass," tank traps, etc. in their attempts to keep the people of Eastern Berlin away from those in Western Berlin.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Can You Find...

We're moving on...right into February. This week will begin our first of many Wednesday workdays for our science research papers. You MUST bring materials to work on your paper. Also, we're needing another "Can You Find..." picture of bonus points on quizzes this week. Are you ready? Here we go...Find the heart sugar cookies pictured above somewhere on this blog. Happy hunting...and boy, do these look good! Anyone up for making some sugar cookies for class?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Super Conference Work Schedule...

For the week of Super Conference I will not be doing any teaching. Each class has been assigned projects that correspond to subjects we are learning about. Below is the schedule for each class as a reminder that materials for each project must be brought in every day. You may leave your materials neatly in the back of my classroom at the end of each class period. If you do not bring in materials a 0% participation grade will be given for that day. Here's the schedule:
  • Chemistry: Research Paper Materials for chosen topic
  • Physical Science: Research Paper materials for chosen topic
  • Economics: Minimum two sources for Persuasive Speech prep
  • US History: Pictures for WWII scrapbook
For US History I have scrapbook paper you may choose from or you may bring your own. We have already discussed each project in class but if you have any questions please ask. I look forward to seeing the finished products.

Physical Science Wave Video...

In Physical Science we've been studying periodic motion, the pendulum, and waves. Wednesday we watched a video that described all about waves: wave motion and wave properties. I've posted this video below for review as you study for the test tomorrow.
Thanks, Mr. Anderson from Bozeman Science.