Tuesday, September 30, 2014

No Physical World Elements Quiz...

The Elements/Compounds quiz scheduled for the Physical World class on Wednesday, October 1st, has been moved to Friday, October 3rd. We'll be covering compounds tomorrow and learning the formulas for a few basic compounds which will be included with familiar elements on the quiz now scheduled for Friday.

Model Work...

In the 11th and 12th grade Chemistry class we've been learning about the history of the modern model of the atom: the men, the discoveries, and the changes. These changes in the model were huge steps in understanding the structure and function of the atoms of each element. During class we watched two videos that demonstrated how a cathode ray tube works (used by J.J. Thomson to discover the electron) and the Gold Foil experiment (used by Rutherford to discover the nucleus of the atom).

Basically we're stepping into the world of the Periodic Table and how atoms combine to form substances all around us.

So in learning about the structure of the atom we designed a few ourselves. In fact, we used the basic idea of Bohr's model (even though his was only good to represent the Hydrogen atom) and with paper plates and Trix cereal you have these...
I'd say that's some pretty model work.

Parents, stop in sometime and take a peek at what we're learning. Or you can see it all on display, Friday, December 12th, right after the Elementary Christmas program.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's Our Party...

...and I don't mean one with food and fun. Although I do have to say this is going to be one AWESOME project.

Last Wednesday the 11th and 12th grade American Government class chose their party name and who was running for each office.  On Thursday we took their "official" photos to be displayed on the bulletin board in our classroom. Parents, please stop in and see each of their pictures. I would be more than happy to e-mail them to you if you will provide me with your e-mail address. I was so pleased with how they turned out.

So now let me introduce you to our three political parties vying for election in this year's run for office:

The Independent American Party:
  • Catherine-Presidential Candidate
  • Clint-Senatorial Candidate
  • Cristiana-Representative Candidate
The White Rose Party:
  • Libby-Presidential Candidate
  • Cynthia-Senatorial Candidate
  • Katie-Representative Candidate
The New Direction Party:
  • Abraham-Presidential Candidate
  • Michael-Presidential Candidate
  • Bianca-Senatorial Candidate
  • Brooke-Representative Candidate
Wednesday, October 1st, will be our second workday where each party will begin contracting their party platforms. The completed, typed platform will be due Friday, October 10th. Election Day will be November 4th and both Junior High and High School will be voting.

Any predictions on who's going to win in each office? Leave them in the comments below.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Particle Particulates...

In 9th and 10th Physical World we've been learning all about Matter and the particles that make up matter. What better way to depict these tiny particles in each of the phases of matter than to use food. Eat and craft...nothing like it!

So here are the class' models hand-crafted with care by using Fruit Loops...
Since there are two types of models for solids, there are two representations as seen here...
They are crystalline and amorphous. Do you know which one is which?

These are all on display in my classroom now but will later be included in an art wall in the gymn on December 12th after the Elementary Christmas program.

Running for Office...

Today we kicked off our Election 2014 project. The class was divided into three groups and will choose Wednesday, September 24th, who in each group will run for President, for the Senate, and for the House of Representatives. Here are the groups:
  • Group 1--Cristiana, Catherine, and Clint
  • Group 2--Cynthia, Katie, and Libby
  • Group 3--Bianca, Abe, Michael, and Brooke
Wednesday, September 24th, will be our first in-class workday. The goal for this work period will be to decide which office each candidate will run for in their group, the name that they choose for their political party, and begin work on your party's platform. Please bring information on political issues that you believe your party should address.

Also, I will be taking each candidate's picture on Thursday, September 25th, for the Election 2014 bulletin board. This is so you can spruce up a bit!

For any other information regarding this project be sure to check out the PROJECT: Election 2014 link under the American Government class in the margin on the right.

Branchin' Out...

In Government this last week the 11th and 12th have been learning about the Constitution, the Constitutional Convention, the Articles of the Constitution and the three branches of our government.  What better way to review the branches of government and their jobs by doing a little arts and crafts project...
Each one of them had their own spin on creativity which was fantastic! One was actually a Lorax tree from Dr. Seuss...
A few of them had decorative art on the trunk making them look like a real tree...
One even had a little bird's nest on one branch and the tail of a monkey sticking out from the uppermost branch...
Did you find them both?

I wish there was room to display each one individually here online. Everyone received a 100 percent for participation. Way to go!!

All of these pictures will be on display on an art wall in the gymn after the Elementary Christmas program on December 12th.  

Keep up the good work!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Chemistry Homework Change...

The homework for Friday, September 19th, has been changed for Chemistry. In addition to answering Chapter Review Question 12, please complete the first column (front and back) of the worksheet on Exponential Notation. This is in preparation for our test on Tuesday, September 23rd. If you have any questions please ask!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Way to Go, 9th & 10th!!

Congratulations to the US History class for a job well done on your Test Friday, September 12th!! Everyone did a fantastic job that we just had to capture the moment with a photo. Check out those happy faces! Keep up the hard work, Class, as we march into chapter 15th and the reconstruction after the Civil War.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Change in Chemistry Assignment...

The Chemistry assignment for Friday, September 12th, has been changed from....
  • Section Review Questions 3B 1-4
  • Chapter Review Questions 4-5
  • Worksheet p. 11
This worksheet p. 11 will be handed out after the lesson on Friday. The original assignment of Chapter Review Questions and Section Review Questions has been moved to Monday night, September 15th. All changes have been noted on the assignments page. If you have any questions please leave a comment below or see me in class. Thanks so much!

Progress Reports...

Just as a reminder, Friday, September 12th, ends the four week grading period. Progress Reports will be going home Wednesday, September 17th.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Change in US History Assignment...

UPDATE: The dates below refer to the month of September and not August. So sorry!!
Be sure to check out the 9th and 10th US History Assignments page for a change: the addition of a reading assignment on Friday, August 5th, and Monday, August 8th. This addition was made during class on Thursday, August 4th, and the assignment page now reflects what was given in class. If you have any questions please leave a comment below.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Student Inventory...

On the first day of school I asked my students to fill out a Student Inventory sheet. This was basically a way for me to get to know my students a little better. Some of the statements/questions were:
  • One word that I would use to describe the person I am is...
  • My favorite subject in school is...
  • If I could speak any language, I would choose...
  • When I get home from school, here are the things you would find me doing:
  • How would you choose to teach a lesson in this class: by video, by notes, by a creative project, etc.?
  • What do you feel the Lord would have you do when you graduate from high school?
Some of the answers surprised me. As to the question about the language they would choose to learn, the responses ranged from Mandarin Chinese, to Italian, to Arabic...and my absolute favorite: an Australian accent.

As to how they would describe themselves, these responses started with helpful, to happy, to nerdy, neat, and even ok.

I wasn't really surprised as to the answers given to How would you choose to teach a class. Everyone seemed in agreement on this: by video!!

But my absolute favorite fill-in the blank was this: One thing I've always wondered is... Here are few of the responses:
  • Who named numbers? (Me. too!)
  • Is college hard? (Hmmm.....)
  • Is the chicken at McDonald's real or not? (Do we really want to know?)
  • How do great authors come up with such good ideas to put into books? (I know, right? I often think: Who comes up with this stuff?)
  • What will my future be like? (The choices you make today will begin to shape who you will be tomorrow.)
  • What does a unicorn look like? (I have no response.)
  • What does it feel like to be in space? (I think that would be pretty awesome!)
You all are a great group of students to teach and I feel so honored to be your teacher!!