Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Berlin Wall Breakdown...

In our US History class we have turned our focus on the next period after World War II...the Cold War. In this time of hostility and rising tensions we also see the march of Communism. We'll be study about the Korean War as well as the "Iron Curtain" as it fell across Eastern Europe when the Berlin Wall was constructed. I will not have time to show the above video in class as it goes into great description about the wall itself but I am posting it here as a bonus. If you watch the video (about 10 min. long) and leave a comment that you watched it I will give you +5 Bonus points on your next test. This is certainly fascinating: how one wall built straight down the center of the city. Pay close attention to the trip wire, Soviet "grass," tank traps, etc. in their attempts to keep the people of Eastern Berlin away from those in Western Berlin.

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