Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Berlin Wall Breakdown...

In our US History class we have turned our focus on the next period after World War II...the Cold War. In this time of hostility and rising tensions we also see the march of Communism. We'll be study about the Korean War as well as the "Iron Curtain" as it fell across Eastern Europe when the Berlin Wall was constructed. I will not have time to show the above video in class as it goes into great description about the wall itself but I am posting it here as a bonus. If you watch the video (about 10 min. long) and leave a comment that you watched it I will give you +5 Bonus points on your next test. This is certainly fascinating: how one wall built straight down the center of the city. Pay close attention to the trip wire, Soviet "grass," tank traps, etc. in their attempts to keep the people of Eastern Berlin away from those in Western Berlin.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Can You Find...

We're moving on...right into February. This week will begin our first of many Wednesday workdays for our science research papers. You MUST bring materials to work on your paper. Also, we're needing another "Can You Find..." picture of bonus points on quizzes this week. Are you ready? Here we go...Find the heart sugar cookies pictured above somewhere on this blog. Happy hunting...and boy, do these look good! Anyone up for making some sugar cookies for class?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Super Conference Work Schedule...

For the week of Super Conference I will not be doing any teaching. Each class has been assigned projects that correspond to subjects we are learning about. Below is the schedule for each class as a reminder that materials for each project must be brought in every day. You may leave your materials neatly in the back of my classroom at the end of each class period. If you do not bring in materials a 0% participation grade will be given for that day. Here's the schedule:
  • Chemistry: Research Paper Materials for chosen topic
  • Physical Science: Research Paper materials for chosen topic
  • Economics: Minimum two sources for Persuasive Speech prep
  • US History: Pictures for WWII scrapbook
For US History I have scrapbook paper you may choose from or you may bring your own. We have already discussed each project in class but if you have any questions please ask. I look forward to seeing the finished products.

Physical Science Wave Video...

In Physical Science we've been studying periodic motion, the pendulum, and waves. Wednesday we watched a video that described all about waves: wave motion and wave properties. I've posted this video below for review as you study for the test tomorrow.
Thanks, Mr. Anderson from Bozeman Science.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Catching Up...

Since we had a snow day on Friday, today's lessons were all designed on catching up to what was planned for today. I am happy to say that we were able to get all caught up from Friday and today. This is just a reminder that Friday nights homework as well as Monday nights homework must be completed for class tomorrow so that we can grade everything and be right back on track. Thank you for hanging in there!!

P.S. There are several quizzes tomorrow...find the snowflake picture for an extra five points!!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Persuasive Essay Checklist...

Are your essays ready to go for Monday, January 9th? I am certainly looking forward to hearing your arguments as to why you believe your side is right. Remember this is just a step toward doing a persuasive speech and then a debate. Click HERE to find a checklist of important points that an essay should include just as a way to see if yours hits the mark.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

UPDATE: Persuasive Essay Video...

If you read through the Persuasive Essay post HERE and watched the video of the debate, you will remember that I added an extra incentive to watch the video and then leave a comment. Five extra bonus points would be added to your persuasive essay score on Monday, January 9th, which will be recorded as a TEST grade. I've thought some more on this extra credit and thought I would ADD five more bonus points if you could do a simple outline (following the set up we discussed on Wednesday, January 4th) of either the affirmative or the negative side in their opening arguments. That means you could earn up to TEN BONUS POINTS on your persuasive essay!! Such a nice teacher! Now who will take me up on my offer?

Friday, January 6, 2017

Research Paper Reminder...

For both 11th and 12th Chemistry and 9th and 10th Physical Science your finalized research paper topics are due on Monday, January 9th. The topic you write down on Monday will be permanent. You cannot change it! You have the weekend to do some research online to make sure you can find 7 to 10 sources to write your paper....two of which must be books. Then on Monday, January 16th, we will begin a week of workdays designed to help you do reading, "scattergramming" (creating a list of ideas related to your topic and then arranging according to relevance--I'll explain more on Monday!), creating your outline, and starting your notecards. All of you have mentioned some really great topics and I look forward to reading your paper already!

Economics Persuasive Essay Writing...

On Thursday, January 5th, my Economics class was assigned to write an outline for their chosen persuasive essay topic. I had planned for us to watch a debate featuring Lisa Peng, for whom our award is so aptly named for. This award will be given to one student who applies themselves to persuading their classmates in whatever topic they are assigned. Out of all my classes I admit that this is my favorite award to give!

So while you're wandering around your house today not sure what today on this glorious snow day, I've included the video we were originally going to watch in class today. Your job is to pay close attention to the opening speeches from both the negative and affirmative sides and to compare them to the information we've been studying in class these last few days about the art of persuasion.

Now here is an incentive for you: if you watch this video and leave me a comment below you will earn +5 Bonus Points on the persuasive essay you are reading in class on Monday, January 9th. And yes, your essay is still due on Monday and will be a TEST Grade. Remember you are only reading your essay to the class...nothing else. I will want to see both your outline and your written essay. There is no required length to your essay but you must be persuasive!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

WW II Through the Radio Project...

I am certainly looking forward to this new project we are working on in chapter 22 of our US History. World War II is most fascinating! So to complement our studies we are doing a project on World War II Through the Radio. If you're looking for some inspiration then watch the video above...a short film, really, on behind the microphone.
Don't be afraid to add sound affects and to get some help from other students, parents, or siblings. BE CREATIVE...and let me know if you have any questions!

Spanish Homework...

The homework scheduled for Friday, January 6th, is for you to write San Lucas 2:1 five times and be ready for a verse quiz on Monday, January 9th. In case you left your verse sheet at school below is the verse you will need to write:
San Lucas 2:1-
Acontecio (accent on last o) en aquellos días, 
que se promulgo (accent on last o) un edicto de parte de Augusto Cesar (accent on e), 
que todo el mundo fuese empadronado.

Snow Day...

There will be no school on Friday, January 6th, because of inclement weather. No need to show up before 8 am. Enjoy the time off and be sure to keep up with the homework assigned for my classes!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Research Paper Topics Link...

It's that wonderful time of year again! It's RESARCH PAPER TIME!! Today in class each student compiled a list of their top three topics they would be interested in researching in science class. Click HERE to be directed to a website where several topics are actually linked to more information about that topic. Remember, final topics are due on Monday, January 9th. I will be passing around a sheet of paper where each student will write their name and their chosen topic. These next few days are to be spent making sure that one of your three topics will have the required amount of sources needed for this paper: two must be books.

Can You Find...

You'll be wanting some bonus points as we start this new nine weeks. Find the picture above and be ready to write on your next quiz where you found it for +5 points. Happy hunting!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Welcome Back...

Read? Set. Go! It's time to get back into the business of learning! I'm looking forward to a brand new semester! I've scheduled lots of GREAT activities to aide us as we learn and am looking forward to seeing all your creativity skills in practice! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas break and are ready to go!!

Updated Class Rules...

Welcome to a brand new semester! I realized after the last five months of school that there are a few problems that have keeps in: some that were not foreseen and some that I have become lax on enforcing. These problems will be addressed on our first day back and a new Class Rules sheet will be handed out for you to keep. If you have any questions, please be sure to ask!